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Stichting AKKA is uitgever van de Amsterdam Tentoonstellingsagenda; een tweemaandelijks overzicht van de exposities in Amsterdamse galeries, musea en andere beeldende kunstinstellingen. De agenda is gratis verkrijgbaar bij de deelnemers en bij diverse culturele instellingen als theaters, muziekpodia e.d. De tentoonstellingsagenda staat ook op het internet. Het adres: www.akka.nl/agenda

Arps & Co are dedicated to bringing a wide variety of fine art to as broad a public as possible.
20 Feb 2008: It Ain't Necessarely So at the Gallery, Prinsengracht 444
Photography Elizabeth Kleinveld Poetry Rogi Wieg
Vernissage from 6 till 8 p.m. at the Prinsenkelder, Prinsengracht 444, reserveer 020 7781947
On Saturday August 27 2005 Elizabeth Kleinveld was in New Orleans. By the end of the day most of her family and friends had made their way to other parts of the country to escape Hurricane Katrina. Some of their homes were damaged to the point that they can't live in them now, others had houses that were swept away, while others have lost places to sell their work. She and her fellow artists each in their own way has had to rebuild their life.The poetry of Rogi Wieg shines another light on this issue to make us understand what happened with the New Orleans music and how to give all this a place in our hearts.














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